SEO Landing Page Promotion With Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

A Landing Page is a one-page site built for the sole purpose of selling. Therefore, landing pages are often called sales pages. They can perform the following tasks:
Due to the limited space, such Internet resources are not suitable for selling a wide range of products. They are used to attract buyers for one product or a small group.

The structure and content of the Landing Page are arranged in such a way as to keep the visitor's interest in the product and gradually reveal its value, as well as stimulate the purchase. But the effectiveness of such a site does not only depend on the quality of its content. For a website to convert visitors into buyers, it needs to attract traffic.

In this article, we want to talk about one of the traffic channels that can be used for landing pages: SEO.

Is SEO Necessary for Landing Page

Creating a landing page takes much less time than developing a multi-page website. In addition, for this type of resources, as a rule, advertising channels are used, which allow attracting paid traffic to the site in a short time. Namely:
This makes the landing page an ideal tool for attracting leads and buyers in an environment where you have a limited time. But as you know, SEO does not give quick results. This tool allows you to gradually increase traffic from search, carrying out optimization work. Tangible progress comes only after 2-3 months of work.

Therefore, if you have time constraints, SEO will not be an effective traffic channel. If you plan to use a one-page site for a year or more, then optimization will help to increase its traffic.

Another difficulty with landing page search engine optimization is its size. One-page sites cannot accommodate broad semantics, and therefore are ranked by only one group of keys, which significantly reduces search traffic. But such resources are designed to work with a narrow segment.

Of course, it is not always possible to optimize a landing page for a certain group of popular queries. For example, if you are presenting a new product with which consumers are not yet familiar, then the frequency of queries related to its name in the search will be zero.

Therefore, search engine optimization for Landing Page is not necessary in the following cases:

You are limited in time 

For example, you created a landing page to collect applications from participants of an event that will take place in 1-2 months, advertise seasonal discounts, promotions or other offers limited in time. In this case, the need for a one-page site will disappear before SEO brings results.

You are promoting a new product / service without generated demand 

Optimization allows you to attract to the page only those users who have entered a query related to its topic. If users are not yet familiar with the product, SEO will not be able to drive traffic.

In other cases, search engine optimization is quite suitable for your selling page as another traffic channel. Let's consider the main recommendations.

Recommendations for optimizing one page

First of all, you should perform basic work on internal optimization. Since the site is one page, it won't take long, but it will give you an edge in search rankings.

Technical audit

At this stage, it is necessary to find out what shortcomings and errors reduce the efficiency of the Landing Page. The list of tasks is large:
This is only a small part of the job. Technical optimization includes an assessment of site components, which errors reduce conversion and prevent you from taking full advantage of search engine promotion opportunities.

Compilation of the semantic core

The semantics of the page determines the requests for which visitors will go to the site. All keywords that you place on the Landing Page must belong to the same group of custom queries. The choice of the group will determine the involvement of visitors and their willingness to place an order.

If you try to cover several different groups of queries, the site will not be able to get high positions in the search, as search engine algorithms will perceive some of the page content as irrelevant. In addition, you will have to increase the amount of content, and this will negatively affect the user experience.

It is also important not to abuse the keys. Too high keyword density degrades the readability of the text, which can lead to a decrease in the conversion of the landing page. In addition, the site may fall under the filters for over-optimization.

Internal page optimization

This is an extensive stage of promotion, during which you will need to work out the content, commercial factors, technical flaws found during the audit stage. Internal optimization allows you to tailor the Landing Page to the requirements of search engines, and, first of all, to make it convenient, useful and attractive for users.

Since one-page sites are different from standard sites, the list of internal optimization work will be slightly different.

Styling meta tags

Pay attention to the title and description tags. As a rule, on large sites, meta tags are generated automatically based on a template, since it is too time-consuming to write them manually for hundreds of pages. Landing Page consists of one page. It doesn't take long to write a title and description, so meta tags can become one of your competitive ranking advantages.

Title here is the title of the page that the user can see after hovering over the site tab in the browser. This title allows search bots to more accurately determine the topic of your page. Therefore, it should include the main key from the group for which your page is optimized.

Description here is a more detailed and defined meta tag describing the page. It is also worth adding a few keys to it, but it is important not to harm the readability. This meta tag is often used by search engines to form a snippet in the SERP. Therefore, it should attract the interest of users, stimulate them to follow the link.

Optimizing content

A lot depends on the content on the landing page. First of all - conversion rate High-quality selling content ensures high rates of sales or requests for the Landing Page. It is important that the potential client reads the page to the end, and therefore you should not tire him with unnecessary text.

But often the position of the page depends on the volume. To accommodate the semantics and fully respond to user queries, a detailed and voluminous SEO text is required. How to behave in this case?

You can optimize the ready-made selling content of the landing page according to basic criteria: uniqueness, key density, etc. After that, just add a more detailed and defined SEO text under the scroll, where it will not interfere with the reading of the potential client, but the most interested visitors can there, find additional useful information.

Working with images

Bright, high-quality images are a must for almost any sales page. They better retain the user's attention and engagement, help illustrate text content, and evoke certain emotions.

But an excess of images and photos can slow down the loading of the site. Therefore, it is worth choosing the minimum image expansion, in which the human eye will not notice the loss of quality, and also using compression.
When optimizing images, it is also important to prescribe an alt tribute for each of them, and when uploading, it is better to rename the files so that their name matches the image. This will allow you to get additional traffic from Google and Yandex search for images.

Page loading speed

It is worth increasing the loading speed of your landing page even if you are not optimizing it for search. Not only positions depend on it, but also user experience: if a visitor has to wait 5-10 seconds to see the content, he will most likely leave the site.

To avoid this, you can:
The optimal page loading speed is 1-2 seconds. If you agree for longer, you lose potential customers. In order not to slow down your site, try not to burden it with unnecessary animated elements, music and videos.

What SEO tool can help you optimize your landing page?

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